3 SImple tips to help improve your back squat

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In this video, Dr Spine gives you some great tips to improve your back squat.

We love the work of Dr Andreo Spina, that’s why we’re bringing him over to the UK to teach his Functional Range Conditioning™ and Functional Release™ workshops! In this short video, Dr Spina gives you some great tips for developing the back squat.

In this video, Dr Spina gives some great tips to improve your back squat

Before you try loading any type of squat, it’s important to be able to correctly do the movement with only body weight. Otherwise you are simply loading a dysfunction, and then further ingraining a faulty movement pattern.

The three main take aways are:

  1. Foot positioning: Turn your feet out to around 30 degrees. Often people focus on having their feet pointing forward, but this is not correct, as it reduces the movement available in the hips.
  1. Weight shift: Shift your weight backwards bending (hinging) at the hip, while allowing your torso to lean forward.
  2. Chest position: Don’t force to keep your chest up. Keep your eyes focused on something 3-4 feet in front of you. If you force the chest up, you mass will drift forward.

Make sure you watch the video and try some body weight back squats with these tips. The back squat is a great exercise if done properly. But like so many exercises / movement, if done incorrectly,you loose many of the benefits…

If you want help developing your back squat, or any other type pf squat / movement, then get in touch today and let our experts help you.

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  • Duncan Cameron-Mitchell says:

    Truly mad at myself for missing Dr.Spina.
    Could you tell me if you plan to have him back teaching again? If so, could i go on your e mail list?
    Many thanks

    • Luke Summers says:

      Hi Duncan. Yep we plan to bring Dre back towards the end of the year or early next year to teach the FRC, FR and Kinetic Stretching. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

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