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About Footwork PRO

AM CUBE / Footwork PRO
The AM CUBE / Footwork PRO are industry leading force plate / software. The AM CUBE  utilises 4000 sensors to provide accurate information on the mass / force distribution of your body, and specifically you feet.

Why is centre of mass so important?
The way in which your body manages its centre of mass (COM) is critical to unravelling chronic pain and movement dysfunction. If you spent the last 10 years of your life with 70% of your weight on your right foot, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were experiencing pain.

Why Footwork Pro is import to you
We use the Foorwork PRO system as part of the Anatomy in Motion (AiM) assessment. The whole philosophy of AiM is to help restore balance and harmony to the body. The AM CUBE and Footwork PRO systems provides us with information we simply couldn’t obtain with visual assessment only.

Why it’s so important to digitally scan your gait
Below is an image taken from the AM CUBE Footwork PRO system. The image actually indicates the person can’t access pronation in their gait cycle (the white line never moves inwards). The problem is they were prescribed anti-pronation running shoes after having their running gait assessed in a running shop!

Their feet actually needed to access pronation, but instead they were given a shoe which made pronation even more difficult. This is the reason why we use the AM CUBE / Footwork PRO system, and advise all runners to get a proper gait assessment.



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