Running Injuries

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About Running Injuries

Running injuries
Running injuries are extremely common due to the high impact and repetitive nature of the sport. Typically, most runners will pound out mile after mile on the track, park or road but spend little or no time improving the fundamentals actually required for running like; mobility, stability and motor-control.

Although you might assume running is simple, it’s far from it. In fact it’s one of the most complicated and demanding activities you can put your body through. Of course this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run, far from it! It just means to get the most out of the sport you love, you should work on the individual components that come together to make up running.

Prerequisites for running injury free
We believe these are all important prerequisites for reducing the risk of getting injured through running:

  • Adequate mobility / control of your joints (Every joint in your body moves when you run!)
  • Good CORE stability
  • Single leg stance (The ability to stand on 1 leg, including with your eyes closed)
  • Good pronation and supination
  • Normal walking gait
  • The correct footwear for your style of running and foot / movement type
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How we can help

What we can do
We helped countless runners not only get back to the sport they love, but also to run better, achieve personal bests and gain the knowledge to run injury free. We do this not by working on their running technique, (although we can refer you to specialist running coaches) but through assessing and correcting problems in walking gait, core stability, mobility and motor-control.

We can help identify any weak links in your kinetic chain (movement chain), which might contributing to any pain or injuries you’ve picked up, and address these. Ironically the best way for many runners to get better, is not actually by running more, it’s by learning to move better. The more control and stability you have, the better platform you have to run from!

What your investment represents
We believe treatment with us is not only about getting you out of pain or rehabilitating an injury. We feel you should get so much more, including:

  • Understand you weak links, and how to fix them
  • Better CORE stability
  • Move and feel beter
  • Improved walking gait (transfers nicely to running gait)
  • Improved posture
  • Run faster, smother and with less effort

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