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About Functional Range Release®

Functional Range Release (FR®)

Functional Range Release® represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, pain and injuries. Developed by highly renowned Canadian Chiropractor Dr Andreo Spina, FR® is fast becoming one of the most highly regarded soft tissue treatment systems in the world!

Why is FR® so different?

Whilst to the untrained eye, some of the techniques may appear very similar to other soft tissue techniques like ART®, FR® actually is a lot more in-depth, more scientific in its approach and a lot more realistic in its treatment objectives. Based on the latest scientific research and evidence based concepts, FR® utilities proven tissue remodeling concepts, in combination with isometric contraction / tissue loading techniques, to help create change.

Why movement is key

FR® incorporates a passive movement based concept. The practitioners are taught how to use passive ranges of motion to distinguish the difference between mechanical, aberrant tissue tension, and neurological tissue tension. This gives the FR® a huge advantage over other similar techniques as the right tools can be used for the right kinds of tensions.

When combined with Functional Range Conditioning®, it really is a complete system, not only addressing dysfunctional tissue but teaching the patient  how to control themselves. This greatly reduces the chances of injury  / pain recurrence and provides much longer lasting results!


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More about FR®

Not just for treating pain

Functional Range Release® is one of the leading soft tissue approaches for treating soft tissue pain and injuries. However, not all soft tissue dysfunction causes pain. In fact, most people will have all kinds of low level problems they are completely unaware of. These problems are easily highlighted when you look at how someone moves. In FR®, we’er taught not to use pain as a reliable outcome measure.

The reality is we actually know very little about pain, despite what people may claim. In FR®, we use movement capacity and quality of movement to grade function. Why? it’s easy to find problems with this methodology, even if the person is asymptomatic. The goal is to help our clients develop the prerequisite mobility and motor control to perform the tasks they require. The entire FR® and FRC® philosophy is based on this concept. that of getting people back to how humans are designed to function. When you do this, in most cases any pain also disappears.

An example of FR®

Dr Andreo Spina  Creator of Functional Range Release®

Some of the techniques we use


Active Release Techniques®

Kinesiology Taping


IASTM / Graston Technique®

Functional Movement Screen


Footwork PRO


Anatomy in Motion




Medical Acupuncture

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