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About Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

The tennis / golfer’s elbow myth
Tennis and golfer’s elbow are common terms used to describe elbow pain. The ironic thing is most people that present with these symptoms have never played tennis or golf. The terms are generally used to describe pain on either the inside or outside of the elbow. The medical terms for tennis and golfer’s elbow are lateral and medial epicondylitis, since it was originally thought the conditions were due to inflammation of tendon attachment sites.

However, most elbow pain actually shows little or no inflammation occurring at the tendon sites. Often the pain is felt from excessive and repetitive strain of the muscles in the elbow and forearm, or trapped nerves in the neck,  shoulder or arm.

Why it develops
Most elbow pain develops following compensation to normal movement patterns and posture. Believe it or not, the forearm and gripping is one of the common ways people compensate for poor core stability. By increasing your grip, you put tension into your body helping to increase overall stability. Over time this can lead to elbow pain developing.

It’s not just about treating the elbow
Although treating your pain is very important, what’s more important is understanding why it developed in the first place. That way we can safeguard against future occurrences. We would aim to help you:

  • Improve posture
  • Develop better core stability
  • Move better and feel better
  • Develop more confidence through understanding your body
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How we can help

What we can do
Identify the reason for your elbow pain. It’s likely due to upper back or neck posture, or due the forearms compensating for other dysfunctional parts of the body. Once we know the cause, we can put together the optimum treatment strategy.

Avoid aggravating factors
One of the most important factor in treating elbow pain is avoiding aggravating factors. Your body needs time to re-organise and learn the correct movement or posture to help reduce the stress on the elbows. We can help you identify these factors, and make the necessary changes to help speed up recovery.

What your investment represents
We believe treatment with us is not only about getting you out of pain or rehabilitating an injury. We feel you should get so much more, including:

  • Pain free lifestyle
  • Understand your weak links, and how to fix them
  • Better CORE stability
  • Move and feel beter
  • Get back to sports, and play them beter
  • Improved posture

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