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Director / Senior Practitioner

About Luke

Hi I’m Luke, one of the senior practitioners, and my passion is helping people move better, feel better and ultimately be pain free. The goal is always how we can help you to become a better functioning human.

Unfortunately there’s not much in the modern western society that actually helps our bodies function the way they’re designed to. Too much sitting, not enough climbing / crawling, way too much walking on flat surface etc… In fact, most of the daily activities we often undertake are actually heaving a detrimental effect on our health!

Every session we do together is about helping you re-connect with your body. Helping it to function in the way it was designed to. Helping you improve joint health, core function, stability, mobility, dynamic motor control etc… All the necessary requirements for human movement.

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Image of Luke sitting in 90/90

My real obsession is ‘why’. Why has your pain developed. Why are you choosing to use your body in a certain way. Why other therapies haven’t worked in treating your symptoms. When you understand the ‘why’, the solution is often simple!

I believe I have a very good understanding of human movement / function. My skills lie in the ability to assess and help you improve the way things work in your own body! And guess what, when things start to work ‘nice’, pain usually stops too! It’s not enough just to focus on where the pain is, we need to establish ‘why’ that area is compensating.

People often remark that our system is the missing link they’ve been searching for. However, this isn’t because we have some secret techniques, or fancy ‘new’ approach. It’s because we’re 100% focused on getting things to function better, and stimulating the body in logical and progressive  way.  If your truly ready to regain control of your body, resolve pain / injuries, and learn to move as nature intended, then I would love to hear from you.

To contact Luke directly please email him at: [email protected]

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