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What is Functional Range Conditioning?

Functional Range Conditioning, also know as FRC is a comprehensive movement based system designed to help you improve mobility, joint health and fundamental movement. It’s popularity has grown unbelievably quickly and it’s fast becoming the number one way to improve problems with mobility and joint function.

What is FRC used for?

FRC is a truly amazing technique for helping improve hip mobility, shoulder mobility, ankle mobility etc… In fact, Functional range conditioning can help improve every joint in the human body! So if you struggling with mobility or flexibility, or you’ve been told you have tight hips or shoulders etc, FRC might just be the technique you’re looking for.

How is flexibility different to mobility?

Often these terms are completely misunderstood, and this is a big problem in our industry. Uncontrolled range of motion is like an accident waiting to happen. Mobility is far more important then flexibility. So are you still stretching for  flexibility?

Flexibility = passive uncontrolled range of motion

Mobility = actively controlled range of motion.

Do you have the necessary joint mobility / function for your particular sport or activity?

How much mobility and joint control do I need?

Every sport or activity requires you to use your body in a particular way. The movements in golf for example, are very different to that of Crossfit or running. All sports require different levels of mobility, motor control and strength. We use the term prerequisites, to describe the requirements for each sport or activity.

Let’s get sport specific

For example, if you sport is Crossfit, having the mobility and strength to get into an overhead position would be extremely important to complete exercises like the snatch, or a handstand. Let’s say you did’t have the mobility to effectively get you arms  overhead, then every time you’re completing a snatch lift, or doing a handstand there will have be compensations. We often find these compensations are the underlying causes of much of the pain / injuries we see in the clinic.

Can Functional Range Conditioning help me if I don’t do sport?

The short answer is, yes. One of the fundamental principals of FRC is promoting and maintaining joint function and joint health. These are obviously two great things to try to improve whether you do any sports or not! The goal of Functional Range Conditioning is always to help develop better movement through improving the quality and function of your joints / muscles.

Mobility training is not foam rolling

True mobility training takes time and effort just like any other types of exercises. Spending a few minute rolling around on a foam roller or lacrosse ball may make you feel a bit looser, but it hasn’t actually changed anything. We call that ‘short term potentiation’, which basically means any improvements you feel don’t last very long! True mobility training systems like Functional Range Conditioning aim to facilitate long term, permanent changes to tissue flexibility, motor control and strength.

Some of the techniques we use


Active Release Techniques®

Kinesiology Taping


IASTM / Graston Technique®

Functional Movement Screen


Footwork PRO


Anatomy in Motion




Functional Range Release®

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