Understanding Chronic Pain

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Understanding Compensation

Chronic pain
Much of the chronic pain you experience is a result of your body compensating for a deeper problem. The key to solving ongoing chronic pain is finding that deeper problem and fixing it.

Compensation occurs when one area of the body is forced to work harder than another. This means that over time more force, stress and demand is placed upon those structure. This can be ongoing for days, weeks, months and even years!

Why does compensation occur?
Compensation occurs for one main reason, adaptation. As humans we have strong survival instincts. If your job is to sit down for 50 hours a week, your body will adapt to make sitting down more efficient. The problem is adaption can lead to some areas working harder, and some working less. And over time, this is where problems can occur.

Previous injury
Previous trauma (injuries) are possibly the number one cause of adaption in the body. Your body will do whatever it takes to get you out of pain, and protect the injured areas, even if it means overloading other areas of the body. Often the key to treating chronic pain is treating previous injuries, even if they happened 20 years ago.

The nervous system (your subconscious) can be protecting and compensating for a previous injury long after the physical damage has healed. We see this all this time, and is one of the foremost problems not usually addressed by many healthcare providers.

We will always assess and take into consideration what effect any previous injuries might be having on you. This is why every piece of information about your injury history is critical.

Every Piece Is Critical

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How we can help

What we can do
Living with pain sucks! It can affect your life in so many ways. The real key to beating chronic pain is understanding why you’re experiencing it. That’s why we believe a detailed assessment is so critical in the treatment of pain and injuries.

How we correct it
The only way to make lasting changes is to develop new habits which help you find balance and move more in a way which nature intended. We can help identify any weak links in your kinetic chain (movement chain), which might be contributing to any pain or injuries you’ve picked up, and address these. We can help you through the process, but it’s YOU that will need to make the necessary changes to get lasting results.

What your investment represents
We believe treatment with us is not only about getting you out of pain or rehabilitating an injury. We feel you should get so much more, including:

  • Understand your weak links, and how to fix them
  • Better CORE stability
  • Move and feel better
  • Improved walking gait
  • Improved posture / look better (you might even grow an inch)
  • Get back to the life you want
  • More awareness / appreciation for your body

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