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About Medical Acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncture
Using needles to treat all kinds of aches and pains has been done for thousands of years. Acupuncture is still one of the main techniques used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In traditional TCM, acupuncture is used to help manipulate energy flow, or Chi, to help restore balance to the body’s systems. In TCM needles are not only used to treat pain, but all manner of symptoms.

Medical Acupuncture
Often referred to as western acupuncture, or Myofascial Dry-Needling, Medical Acupuncture adopts a more scientific approach. The focus is mainly on treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Why needling can help you
Inserting a needle is usually the quickest way to get a hypertonic (really tight) muscle to relax. It’s like switching a light off. Often this can save valuable time and it’s usually far more comfortable than many other techniques. In some instances like jaw release, the only alternative is intra-oral release (inside the mouth), and many people are not comfortable with these techniques.

We would only ever use a technique if you are 100% comfortable with it. Many people don’t like needles, so we don’t use them in these situations. Everything we do is about getting results, but equally making the process a good experience for you.

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Some of the techniques we use


Active Release Techniques®

Kinesiology Taping


IASTM / Graston Technique®

Functional Movement Screen


Footwork PRO


Anatomy in Motion




Medical Acupuncture

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