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Can Active Release Technique help treat pain? Does it work?

Active Release Techniques, also sometimes called Active Release Therapy is a highly effective technique for treating neck pain, back pain, shoulder injuries etc… In fact, Active Release is highly effective in treating all manor of soft tissue problems, including nerve pain and nerve entrapment.

Developed in North America over 30 years ago by Dr Mike Leahy DC, Active Release Therapy has evolved to be one of the worlds leading manual therapy treatments. It’s often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ in soft tissue treatment and is widely used by sports teams and professional athletes.

Specialist Active Release Clinic London

Kinect Health was one of the first clinics in London to use Active Release Techniques. We have a highly skilled team to assist you in treating any painful conditions or injuries you may have. We use Active Release with almost all out patients so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

We’ve also found it that by using it in conjunction with K-Laser therapy  we’ve been able to get even better result! As far as we know, we are the only clinic in the UK to offer this unique combination treatment.

There’s an art to Active Release

  • Active Release Technique is highly refined soft tissue technique that can be very beneficial to anyone experiencing muscle or joint pain, and/or soft tissue injuries.
  • The technique specialises in locating and treating abnormalities in soft tissue structures (scar tissue / adhesions / densification / tension)
  • Scar tissue can form through Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), or following trauma.
  • Active Release Therapy utilises a systematic approach of simultaneously finding, assessing and then releasing these problem areas of soft tissue.
  • The anatomical knowledge and skill required to apply ART® is very high, and a fully qualified certified practitioner will have learnt over 500 specific treatment protocols.

Can Active Release Techniques be used for injury prevention?

There’s no question Active Release Technique is a powerful tool for treating painful conditions. However, Active Release is equally beneficial when used as part of a preventative care or performance therapy program.

Many of the worlds leading sport teams and professional athletes relay on Active Release Therapy to keep them at the top of their game and injury free. When used in conjunction with some smart stability and mobility training, you have a total package for maintaining injury free and optimising joint health.

Combining Active Release Technique and Class 4 Laser Therapy

We have been able to increase the effectiveness of our Active Release Techniques treatments considerably by combining them with K Laser. As far as where aware, we are the only clink in the UK to offer this combined treatment. This has seen our results significantly improve, and is something we would call a ‘game changer’.

Combined package

We include Active Release Techniques and K Laser in all of our sessions as needed, and don’t charge a surplus for combining them and this has proved so popular we’ve introduced a special ‘Rx’. package giving six 30 minute sessions of Active Release Technique and K Laser. This has proved to be our most popular package with people currently on a training or performance program.

Learn more about K Laser here

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