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About Active Release Techniques®

Active Release Techniques® (ART)

ART® is a patented, state-of-the-art soft tissue management system that utilises movement-based manual therapy techniques to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

Developed in North America over 30 years ago by innovative chiropractor Dr Mike Leahy DC, ART® has evolved to be one of the North America and Canada’s leading soft tissue treatments. In fact, it’s often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ in soft tissue treatment.

With the continuing expansion of ART® in Europe and Asia, this unique soft tissue management system is now available in the UK. The focus is to address and reverse the changes that happen to soft tissue structures on a cellular level through the Cumulative Injury Cycle and to quickly and effectively help you return to normal function.

There’s an art to ART®

  • ART® is highly refined soft tissue technique that can be very beneficial to anyone experiencing muscle or joint pain, and/or soft tissue injuries.
  • The technique specialises in locating and treating abnormalities in soft tissue structures (scar tissue / adhesions / densification)
  • Scar tissue forms through Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), or following trauma.
  • ART® utilises a systematic approach of simultaneously finding, assessing and then releasing these problem areas of soft tissue.
  • The anatomical knowledge and skill required to apply ART® is very high, and a fully qualified certified practitioner will have learnt over 500 specific treatment protocols.


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More about ART®

Not just for treating pain

Active Release Techniques® is a powerful treatment tool for treating painful conditions. However, ART® is equally beneficial when used as part of a preventative care programme, or for performance therapy. The subtle changes that can be made with just a few well-executed protocols can make significant changes to movements and muscle strength, and reduce mechanical stress. ART® is a continuously evolving technique.

Providers must complete annual re-certification in order to maintain their certified status. This ensures that all ART® providers are up to date with the latest research and techniques. At Kinect Health, we are lucky enough to have three fully certified ART® providers, including two instructors.  ART® remains our most utilised soft tissue technique and we can’t recommend this technique enough.

Watch and learn about ART®

P. Michael Leahy DC, CCSP.  Creator of Active Release Techniques®

Specialist ART® Clinic – Active Release London

Originally, Kinect Health started out as Active Release London with one goal in mind! To be the UK’s leading specialist Active Release Techniques® clinic. We have become highly renowned throughout UK and Europe as one of the leading clinics if you want to receive the ‘Gold Standard’ in soft-tissue treatment. We even regularly have patients travel to us for treatment from all over Europe! We currently have three full body certified ART® providers, including two members of the Active Release Techniques® European instructor team, so you can be sure you are in safe hands, and will get the best soft-tissue treatment possible.

We operate our specialist ART® clinic within the Kinect Health System. After all, Active Release Techniques® is still our number one soft-tissue technique. We now offer standalone ART® for those who want the ‘Gold Standard’ of soft-tissue treatment without the full Kinect Health System, or those who don’t want a full consultation before treatment.

IMPORTANT: If you are currently in pain, or suffering with an injury, we highly recommend you have a consultation / assessment before going ahead with any type of treatment.

Active Release Techniques®

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