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About us

It’s quite simple, we’re passionate about helping people overcome pain, injuries and improve their movement. We do this using a unique combination of movement coaching, manual therapy and body awareness. It’s proven to be extremely successful in treating back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain etc…

In fact, we’ve helped people with just almost every kind of painful condition you can think of. We’re totally committed to helping you reach your goals, and as long as you have an open mind and are willing to put in the necessary work, anything is possible! With Kinect Health you can move better, feel better and live pain-free.

More then just treating pain

We won’t just treat your symptoms, we’ll help you take back control of your life! We’ve seen it literally hundreds of times that when someone is helped to re-connect with their body and given the necessary support, knowledge and confidence, you create the perfect environment for lasting change.

We also firmly believe in the incredible resilience of the human body and it’s ability to adapt, improve, change and heel. We want to start helping you guide you towards better movement, more confidence and a happy pain free life.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

We Think Different

When you take shortcuts in life, you often find the results are not quite what you had hoped for. This is especially true with the human body, after all there are no shortcuts in evolution. If your goal is lasting change, then you need to build from the ground up. Laying a good foundation and building the necessary skills to regain belief and confidence in your body, is the key to success. But as you can imagine this takes time.

The Kinect Health System is about re-framing your beliefs through positive experiences and graded exposure to new movements. We often say ‘the journey you go through with us, is the treatment’. We love to see how people change as they build confidence and move more freely in their body

You only have one body for life!

Let us help you take care of it…

Education is the key

Most people describe going through the Kinect Health System as an education. It’s like going back do school, only this time the subject is YOU. You have to spend time learning about your body and how positive experiences and movement can change things. This is done through practice and graded exposure to exercises. Lots of people have commented that for them, this feels like missing link they wished they had been taught when seeing other healthcare practitioners. The reality is we want to give you the knowledge to take care of yourself ‘long term’, not be dependent on seeing us to make things better.


Just like being at school there is always homework set after each session. It’s not the changes made in the session that creates the long term results. It’s how you reinforce those changes at home, work, and when you’re doing the activities you enjoy. We provide you with all the necessary knowledge and support, but ultimately you have to want it enough to make the time  / effort required.

We will never tell you to stop doing the sports or activities you love. Our role is to help you find a way of doing them without the worry of pain or injuries stopping you!

Kinect Health promise
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Google Rating

19:41 30 Nov 18
KinectHealth is the first place I refer clients to and I highly recommend!It's hard to explain the state the industry is currently at but you'll find these guys are within the 1% that truly understand human physiologyon a completely different scale.If you are in pain, and had enough of managing it, give them a chance to show you what you're made of, what's causing it and what you can do about it for good. If you're painfully aware that your body is failing you, let them teach you and give you back options you never even knew were missing.You don't need any experience but you'll highly appreciate their skills if you've been around and already realize how broken the health industry is and want something better - by more
08:52 13 Dec 18
I came to see Neil when suffering with severe lower back pain. Through different exercises and stretches I have seen a huge improvement. We are now moving up into higher levels of physical performance and well-being. Highly recommendedread more
Chantal Francis-Flores
Chantal Francis-Flores
21:58 09 Dec 18
I walked in to see Luke with a 12 yr groin injury and a long standing shoulder and neck problem that caused me to suffer weekly migraines. I had lost all confidence in my body and thought I would never know any difference. What can I say, Luke is a genius...Kinect Health is THE BUSINESS. What he does not know about movement and posture is simply not worth knowing.... I had ample homework but but if you do your part, he can do his. I have not had a migraine since seeing Luke, groin and shoulder pain all gone and all my muscles are so much stronger and more flexible. I cannot thank Luke enough. Any future niggles and I will be back without a doubt. Thx Luke for giving me confidence in my body more
Phil Hawksworth
Phil Hawksworth
17:30 01 Dec 18
Kinect Health are the only guys I trust when I have a niggle or injury. They’re incredibly knowledgeable and always recognise that as an athlete you don’t want to be told to rest, but properly rehabbed and guided in training so you come back stronger. They’re great at spotting the underlying reason WHY you got hurt and how to re-train movement patterns to avoid further injuryread more
Raymond Yong
Raymond Yong
07:42 12 Dec 18
My recommendation for the team at Kinect Health couldn't come any higher. Not only are they extremely effective at helping to reduce your pain levels but they are also extremely knowledgable in the exercise, biomechanical and ergonomic interventions which help to ensure that the actual causes of the pain are effectively addressed in the long term. I regularly use their services myself and have recommended their services to many others. If you are looking for a long term fix for your bodily aches and pains, I would look no further than the Kinect Health Team!read more
Douglas Chancellor
Douglas Chancellor
13:32 23 Dec 18
Brilliant!I struggled with chronic knee, hip and back pain constantly for around 4 years. I sought the advice of several 'professionals' during this period, none of whom could relieve the pain that I was in. Having an initial 2-hour session with Luke was so refreshing. It was clear that he wanted to get to the root of my issues. My homework consisted of around a dozen exercises which I did daily. Within the first week, I was noticing huge improvements in both mobility and pain levels. A couple of visits later, I am living pain-free. I can't thank Luke enough for the more
Amelia Neophytou
Amelia Neophytou
17:02 02 Jan 19
Amazing! I am a new person! I have had nothing but issues with my shoulder since my surgery in May 2014. Surgery went well but the after care was... useless. I put on a tonne of weight and could hardly move due to the constant pain. Sometimes the pain was so bad, I couldn’t even wear a coat..... until I found Neil. I’ve seen him 4 times and I’m a different person. I am now training comfortably and pain free, 3 days a week, lifting weights I never thought I’d ever lift. I am also not walking around in pain every single day. Neil, thank you so much! I would recommend these guys to anyone, but more importantly, Neil is now looking after my Mum. I’d also like to add, my partner is one of Lukes clients. He has a terrible historic knee injury, and again Luke has been amazing. He works alongside my partner and his trainer to ensure he can continue to train safely. I would not think twice about recommending these guys!read more
Sam Forey
Sam Forey
20:14 02 Jan 19
I’ve been seeing Neil at Kinect Health since April 2018 and I would highly recommend him and Kinect. I have suffered with neck, shoulder and upper back pain for 7 years. I have tried NHS physio, private physio, special back care gyms, acupuncture, osteopathy – the works. I initially went to Kinect to try laser therapy as a new option and then I meet Neil and within 10 minutes of talking to him I knew he was what I’d been looking for – his knowledge of physiology, pain, neuroscience and other factors that can help pain like diet and mindfulness is amazing! He is a holistic practitioner.I’ve been seeing him weekly for a mixture of laser therapy, physical therapy and exercises. Since that time my pain has decreased significantly and I’m working towards eradicating it forever! Since seeing Neil I’ve been able to go from part time work to full time work and I’m starting to feel more control over life again. I’ve also got some old hobbies back like running.Neil is great in that he is always coming up with new exercises, techniques and ideas to help improve your life and pain. He keeps it engaging and fun – and he’s a laugh too! But the best thing is he really cares – he is taking this journey with me, he wants me to get better and I thank him for more
Dominic Gomar
Dominic Gomar
18:55 06 Jan 19
I found Kinetic Health searching for a functional movement screen after years of back pain which had plagued me for most of my 20s preventing me from playing sport or generally moving without a lot of pain. Having seen many different practitioners from physio therapists to osteopaths I sought a better understanding of movement patterns and body structure as a whole, hoping I could figure out more about my pain and dysfunction.I booked my first session with Luke over year ago and I'm now regularly playing sport pain free, but more importantly to me, with every session I learn more about how to move efficiently. Luke is passionate and obviously dedicated to helping people understand function that they can take back into their everyday lives. I've gone beyond hoping just to be pain free and I'm now excited about improving my strength and speed in sport something that I'd given up on a long time ago.I highly recommend Kinetic Health to anyone who are not only recovering from injury but are looking to educate themselves about how to move more
John Mellor
John Mellor
18:13 07 Jan 19
Last year, due to stress and several other factors, I developed chronic neck pain, which was impacting my everyday life. I am a ROAR client and was introduced to Neil at Kinect, who has really helped me overcome the problem. Not only is he a great guy with superb knowledge, he also adopts an individual approach to the problem and made sure I understood the causes of my neck pain as we worked on solutions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kinect and will continue to work with Neil this year. A deserved five more
Anna Mignucci
Anna Mignucci
09:53 08 Jan 19
A life changing experience.I started seeing Luke 3 years ago for a long lasting knee problem. It took some time and a lot of work to solve it but Luke’s passionate and dedicated approach changed my way of training and thought me how to move efficiently.I have always been a sporty person and I realised that Luke’s exercises and techniques could add so much more to my favourite activities and my everyday life. I decided to seeing him weekly because I don’t want just to be pain free, I want to learn how to improve my strength and my motion ability. And Luke is not just a fantastic professional, he really cares and wants you to reach your goals and feel better.Luke is also fantastic with kids. My daughter Martina has been seeing him regularly for about a year to improve her mobility and strength for ballet, whereas my other daughter Matilde saw him for a back injury. They both had a great experience.I would recommend Kinetic Health to anyone, not just to get rid of their pain but, more importantly, to learn how to move efficiently and avoid the pain. It is a life changing experience, the sooner the better!!read more
Mr A Mackula
Mr A Mackula
07:52 08 Jan 19
Brilliant rehabilitation following on from long term injury and running performance has improved, with some delightful PBs along the way. It is really important to do the exercises consistently to reap the benefits. Would definitely more
22:05 14 Jan 19
I can’t recommend Luke at Kinect Health highly enough, his knowledge about movement is immense and he has taught me heaps on how my body should move. From a thigh strain cure, almost instant relief from a frozen shoulder to my last project on learning how to load correctly when training in the gym! Platinum service!read more
16:49 05 Mar 19
When I first saw Luke a year ago with long-standing pain in my feet I was not very optimistic. As a doctor I had already tried the conventional treatment options and specialists but his approach was new to me and exciting. I have always trained in gyms and enjoy Pilates and swimming so adding some more exercises wasn't too alarming. However I had not previously paid much attention to the workings of the obscure tiny muscles and bones in my feet which I was now learning to work.Luke's knowledge and attention to the detailed anatomy and mechanics of the foot was a revelation. It was a relief to work with him as he understood my symptoms and signs and gave me the hope that had been lacking before.Since then through fortnightly appointments and a demanding schedule of training I have gained strength and control and an awareness of my foot. The pain has diminished, although I am not yet entirely discomfort-free and can suffer relapses usually through my over-enthusiasm and going past my "functional limit".Luke has also helped me with the mindset which causes the magnification of pain through a pain-anxiety feedback mechanism and by addressing this I can understand and control the level of perceived pain.I am impatient to continue my training with him and address other aspects of movement for a more healthy body and more
Marc Stephenson
Marc Stephenson
19:51 19 Jun 19
I’ve suffered from excruciating pain in my hips for six years, attended tens of physio appointments and have had therapy with scores of practitioners. Not one of them have helped take the edge off of the pain. Luke has taken that pain away in three sessions over a six week period, allowing me to become more mobile than I was told I ever could be. Luke hasn’t just fixed a problem, he has helped me grow in confidence. I now know I am able to run again, play football and live the life a twenty three year old man should be able to live - pain free! A session with Luke isn’t just therapy, it’s an educational experience that allows you to understand the root cause of your problems. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough, he’s changed my life and there’s still so much more progress to be more
Michael Sainsbury
Michael Sainsbury
06:58 02 Jan 20
I first began seeing Neil at Kinect Health in April 2018 for 'K-Laser Light Therapy' to treat an old head injury. We had approximately 8 sessions together, over a period of a few months. At the time I chose to make the frequent trip from Birmingham to London, because, no where in my local area provided the laser therapy - though, boy was it worth the trip! Neil, not only helped treat my head injury (relieving tension and loosening up scar tissue), though, also, with his 'holistic approach' and emphasis on 'totality', took into consideration and looked at how my entire body was functioning (and how perhaps this may play into say the head injury), as well as lifestyle factors like nutrition and fitness, and even the spiritual. Aside, from the laser and manual treatment of my head, Neil awakened me to a whole new world of fitness beyond the mainstream fitness industry awash with misinformation and obsession with looks, even at the cost of function. I was encouraged and had the ears to listen and considered a whole new world of functional training, with wonderful pieces of equipment I never used before, like Persian meels and maces, with emphasis on functional strength, optimal core functioning and moving more in alignment with how nature intended - not just moving the body in linear motions, using fancy gym equipment. I could go on, though I'll finish with this. My time spent at Kinect Health was great for many reasons. Not only did I get physio, receive a personalised fitness programme, be made aware of and referred to other specialists, I was also privy to information I perhaps wouldn't have found out otherwise, namely, CBD (which, I tried from Hemp Warriors and experienced great results) and directed to the most life changing of YouTube Channels in John Rose. My trips to London had become the highlight of my week. Sometimes, if there was time, we would chat following treatment and share ideas and knowledge on everything from meditation, to philosophy, to spirituality. I am eternally grateful for the time I spent with Neil and the improvements I made under his mentorship. I got so much more than a physio, I also got a personal trainer, philosopher, teacher, confidant and most importantly I gained a friend. If you're looking for someone on the cutting edge of his craft, forever evolving, with the personal touch, meaning someone that actual invests in you as more than a mere client, but as a person and genuinely wants to see you do well - well if you're fortunate enough to work with him and have the ears to listen - then you're in for a treat! Thanks buddy and I'll remember you were here to watch me begin my Hero's Journey!read more
Zelinski Tyneham
Zelinski Tyneham
16:05 18 Jun 20
I have been seeing Luke for over five years as an Elite Masters Athlete. I have suffered lots of ups and downs and Luke has always been awesome in understanding my problems and helping me get through them. I would definitely say that Luke owns my gold medals because it’s down to him that my body performs. He has endless patience because I take ages to grab things sometimes. He’s helped my confidence no end by telling me to ‘go out there and run’.A huge thank you Luke and to all my friends I have recommended because you have sorted them more

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